iOs Native App Project

Weekdays App

How administrative tasks are causing burnouts for the child care providers and how technology can help them.

Visual Design
Core Solutions
Feature design for a iOs native app
Hi-fi Mockups, Interactive Prototype, UI Kit, Color Accessibility

Weekdays is a newborn start-up, focused on making child care accessible to parents living in urban and suburban areas; by empowering child care professionals to start their own home-based daycare business.

This project was a collaboration for a native iOS app with a researcher, an IxD, and the client remained part of the process following up remotely and in person (kickoff and design studio session). I was the Visual Designer and also had the responsibilities: research for information architecture and competitive analysis.
The user flow and information architecture were very solid, and we had already tested with users when I moved from mid-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity.
As the visual designer, I had the challenge to keep eliminating usability testing errors. I also made it a priority to ensure visual accessibility for all users. Recognizing my responsibility as designer, I was excited to learn more about accessibility for UI and intentionally built an inclusive experience, while also learning about the child care industry.

How can Weekdays help reduce time on administrative tasks and make contacting parents fast and easy?

As a multi-sided platform, Weekdays App helps childcare providers communicate and build trust with parents.

Our initial findings were from interviews with stakeholders and former childcare providers, specifically former nannies and day care workers, conducted by researcher Helen.
Childcare providers need a way to manage their time and facilitate communication with parents. Keeping parents informed about their children is a time-consuming burden on child care professionals' contributing to heavy schedules and burnouts.
Manage TimeManage Communication

To help reduce time on administrative tasks and make contacting parents fast and easy, the design has two core features: Kid Activity Feed and Adding Activities.